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Home Town Flea Market
2660 West Walnut
Rogers, AR 72756

Phone: (479) 633-8386


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Daily: 9 am - 6 pm

7 days a week!


We only close on Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

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Home Town Flea Market Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in our flea market.  Outlined below is some basic information about how our store works.  


We pay WEEKLY if you have over $20.00 in sales!  We are the only flea market in the area that does this.  We want you in the store as much as possible, working your booth, bringing in new merchandise, straightening your booth and picking up your check.  We find this is a win-win for everyone.   


We are open everyday from 9am - 6pm daily.  We only close on Thanksgiving and Christmas day!  On the average we are open 7-10 hours weekly than most of the other flea markets in the area.

Our prices are based on the location of the shelf or booth within the flea market.  Those closer to the front of the store are a little higher than those toward the back of the store.
Shelf unit                $30.00 (front) or $20.00 (back)
5' x 5' Booth            $65.00 (front) or $60.00 (back)
5' x 10' Booth          $130.00 (front) or $120.00 (back) 
New area - opened up in May, 2015
4' x 8' Booth             $85.00 (front) or $75.00 (back)
4' x 10' Booth           $105.00 (front) or $95.00 (back)
8' x 10' Booth           $200.00 (front) or $190.00 (back)
All sales are subject to 10% commission.
Booths rent month to month, no long term contracts. 
Please contact us if you are interested in renting a booth.  If we don't have any availability, we will be happy to place you on our wait list.
Thank you for your consideration!
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